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2023 Tampa and US Car Accident Statistics
2023 Tampa and US Car Accident Statistics

2023 Tampa and US Car Accident Statistics

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In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the latest crash statistics from the previous year’s data in Tampa. As some of the leading Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys who help people with car accident claims every day, we believe that safety and raising awareness can play a key role in reducing accidents and saving lives on Tampa roadways. That’s especially because crash data statistics show that Tampa has some of the most dangerous areas that are more accident-prone than other cities in Florida.

Sadly, most accidents are preventable and caused by careless or simply negligent drivers. As the new year rolls in, let’s take a look at some of last year’s statistics to help understand where Tampa stands regarding crash trends and some of the unique challenges our city faces.

If you were injured in a recent Tampa car accident, contact our Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers today for more information about your rights and what you can do to recover financially.

Let’s Deep Dive Into Tampa’s 2023 Crash Statistics

Statistics from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV) database recorded overall lower rates of crashes, injuries, and deaths compared to the previous year:

  • 359,560 crashes in Florida (which is a reduction from the previous year, with a total of 397,542 crashes in 2022)
  • 229,644 injuries (also a reduction from 252,150 injuries recorded injuries in 2022)
  • 3,007 deaths in Florida car accidents (compared to 3,583 fatalities in 2022)

Specific Statistics for the Tampa and Surrounding Area

Tampa accident rates are as follows for 2023:

  • Over 20,000 total crashes
  • Nearly 17,600 injuries that resulted from a car crash
  • More than 200 traffic fatalities
  • About 30% of all crashes are considered “hit-and-runs” (with just over 6,500)
  • Almost 395 drunk drivers caused a dangerous crash

While these figures are disturbing and quite high, they do seem to be overall lower than 2022 statistics:

  • About 28,4000 total motor vehicle accidents
  • At least 19,000 car accident injury victims
  • 228 fatalities in crashes
  • Over 7,500 hit-and-run accidents
  • And almost 500 drunk driving accidents

While on the bright side, the numbers were down from 2022 to 2023, all Tampa drivers have a responsibility to drive safely and remain actively engaged with the task. The fact that many tragic accidents that result in catastrophic injury or death are preventable or caused by negligence makes it much harder for the victims and their families to cope with the damages.

In a perfect world, we could assume that every driver is doing their best and contributing to the safety of Tampa roadways, but the reality is that it simply isn’t true. Many drivers are careless, distracted, or downright negligent while driving, doing things like texting, eating, or watching videos. A person could just be having a bad day and a case of “road rage,” where they drive aggressively or even go as far as violent actions due to stress or frustration. These are, unfortunately, very irresponsible driving behaviors that endanger the lives of others on the roadways.

Tampa drivers who are familiar with the area and commute daily can use some hacks and detours to avoid busy highways and streets when possible. This will increase safety and decrease the odds of an accident. For instance, a seasoned Tampa driver knows how efficient their drive can be if they avoid I-275 or Kennedy Boulevard when possible. But, even some shortcuts become dangerous because everyone is thinking the same thing, and then those areas become congested.

Tops Causes of Car Accidents in Tampa

Why are all of these accidents happening in Tampa if there are traffic laws in place to keep traffic flowing and regulated? Most of the time, it’s because drivers fail to follow these traffic rules and run red lights or disregard traffic signs. Sometimes, drivers simply don’t know the rules of the road. Some of the most common reasons why car accidents happen in Tampa are:

  • Following too closely behind another car (aka tailgating)
  • Specifically at intersections:
    • Right of way uncertainty
    • Left turns
    • Obstructed visibility
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Drunk drivers
  • Speeding
  • Bad drivers (e.g., distracted driving, making illegal maneuvers, not knowing traffic laws, etc.)

Recent Tampa Car Accidents Seen in the News

Truck Rollover Accident Spills Sand All Along I-275

A recent truck accident occurred on Florida’s highway I-275 involving four vehicles in total. A Dodge Challenger, two pick-up trucks, and a large dump truck. Around 7:45 AM, a pick-up truck (Ford F250) slammed on its brakes, causing another pick-up truck (Ford F150) to rear-end it. Both pick-up trucks crashed into a highway shoulder, after which the Ford F150 swerved back into oncoming traffic.

The F150 hit the Dodge Challenger, which caused a chain reaction collision with the dump truck. Both the Dodge Challenger and dump truck flipped, and the dump truck spilled tons of sand and diesel. The multi-vehicle collision caused one lane on the highway to remain closed for over three hours.

Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) responded to the scene immediately, reporting the Ford F150 driver having severe injuries while all other drivers had minor injuries.

Detectives Still Searching for the Perpetrator of a Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Death

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has launched an official investigation into a hit-and-run crash that caused a female victim to die on the scene. The fatal accident occurred at the intersection of Maydell Drive and Lucy Avenue in early January around 9:15 at night.

When deputy officials arrived on the scene, the victim was pronounced dead. The victim was a female pedestrian traveling by foot when she got hit by a vehicle traveling in the northbound lane of Maydell Drive, close to Lucy Avenue. A vehicle struck and killed the pedestrian, and detectives are now working to find the suspect. Witnesses say the vehicle may have been a Dodge Ram or similar make/model, 2002-2005, and was a dark gray color.

Teen Dies in a Sunday Morning Crash in US-41

The Florida Highway Patrol reported a 44-year old man who was making a U-turn and hit and killed a Gibsonton teen. The victim was a 17-year-old male, and the perpetrator was a Wimauma man driving a Chevrolet Equinox.

The fatal crash occurred early in the morning in the Apollo Beach area, around 2:00 AM, at the intersection of Villemaire Rd. The driver of the Chevrolet made a U-turn, proceeding to drive head-on toward an Acura TL(which the 17-year-old was driving.). The teen was unsuccessful in avoiding the Chevrolet, and the two cars collided head-on.

The teen driver proceeded to hit the median and then skid across the roadway onto the shoulder of the road on the opposite side, striking a concrete barrier and flipping several times before finally striking a light pole and then hitting several parked cars. The cars were parked at 1st Rate Auto Dealership, located on US 41. The teen died immediately from crash-induced injuries.

Where Are Most Car Crashes Occurring in Tampa?

“The Infamous Hillsborough Triangle”

Intersections are inherently dangerous accident-prone areas by nature, especially busy ones, because of all of the information a driver needs to be aware of. Driving can quickly become a complicated task, with many cars traveling in different directions, making turns in opposite directions, and vehicles on various lanes traveling in different directions. All it takes is one distracted driver to cause a disastrous chain-reaction accident. Let’s say a driver makes a turn while another driver tries to speed through a yellow light that’s right on the verge of turning red. The driver trying to beat the red light could then T-bone the turning vehicle, which is one of the most dangerous types of accidents. Running red lights is actually one of the biggest causes of intersection accidents in Tampa.

Tampa has three well-known dangerous intersections, all within a three-mile radius:

The intersection at Sheldon Road and Waters Avenue West

This intersection is probably dangerous because it is so congested and it’s close to many businesses and shopping centers. Parking lot accidents are also very common in shopping areas or commercial plazas with many stores.

The Intersection of Waters Avenue West and Anderson Road

This intersection is also in close proximity to a major shopping center, with cars coming and going all day long, especially during the holiday season. Filled with restaurants, hotels, commercial centers, and shopping options, the traffic stays heavy at the intersection of Waters Avenue West and Anderson Road. Hundreds of motor vehicle collisions occur there every year.

The Intersection at Waters Ave West And Hanley Road

Also known as “Town N’ Country,” this intersection is the third most dangerous intersection that makes up the “Hillsborough Triangle.”

Additional Dangerous Spots With High Accident Rates in Tampa and Surrounding Areas

WFLA released a study revealing the top dangerous intersection in Hillsborough County. In addition to the “Hillsborough Triangle,” here are some other intersections where you should exercise extra caution and stay alert while driving in these areas.

  • Town ‘N’ Country County (located at Hillsborough Avenue and Sheldon Road)
  • Gibsonton Drive and US 301 in Riverview
  • Big Bend Road and US 301 in Riverview
  • Fletcher Avenue and Bruce B Downs Blvd
  • Waters Avenue West and Himes Avenue North
  • Bloomingdale Avenue at Shoals Road and Providence Road (in Brandon and Riverview)

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