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Are Female Drivers More Vulnerable to Being Injured in a Tampa Motor Vehicle Crash?
Are Female Drivers More Vulnerable to Being Injured in a Tampa Motor Vehicle Crash?

Are Female Drivers More Vulnerable to Being Injured in a Tampa Motor Vehicle Crash?

Female drivers are 47% more likely to suffer severe injuries in a Tampa motor vehicle crash, than men according to studies. Car crash injuries are the leading cause of accident injuries in the U.S., and women are victims of safety designs focused on the male body.

The study posted on the National Library of Medicine describes that vehicle safety devices focus on the male population (who are statistically more likely to be involved in car accidents), however, the female body is on average smaller than a male’s, leaving women susceptible to seatbelts, airbags and other safety devices.

If you’ve been injured in a Tampa motor vehicle crash that wasn’t your fault, you can claim compensation through a personal injury claim. Feel free to contact our Tampa car accident lawyers today for a free consultation.

Female Drivers Are More Vulnerable to Injuries Than Men

Higher Risk of Spinal Injuries

Female drivers are reported to have a higher risk of moderate or worse chest and spine injuries, compared to males in similar crash types – 67%.

This is likely due to the difference in necks, strength and the positions of safety devices such as airbags and seatbelts.

Spinal injuries can have long-lasting effects, such as disability, ongoing pains, reduced mobility and loss of sensation. Victims of these injuries should seek to receive considerable compensation from their insurer, that fully covers the far-reaching extent of their damages.

Higher Risk of Whiplash

Female drivers are also at a higher risk of suffering whiplash injuries than men. The NLM study says this is due to the difference in necks, strength, muscles and the relative positioning of the head restraint.

Whiplash is a very common injury, with an estimated 3 million Americans suffering it every year. It occurs when the neck is violently pulled and pushed during the collision.

Whiplash symptoms include neck pain, stiffness, loss of neck motion, headaches, shoulder pain, numbness in the arms, fatigue and dizziness. It can cause car accident victims to miss time from work and require treatment and medication.

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Higher Risk of Lower Extremity Injuries

Female drivers in Tampa motor vehicle crashes are also sadly more likely to suffer injuries to their legs, knees and feet. These lower body parts sit closer to the paneling in the vehicle, due to a short statute and preferred seating position.

Injuries to feet and legs can be life-changing, with disability or loss of limbs the most severe outcome. However, even less severe injuries such as broken bones and lacerations can see victims experience suffering, lost wages and high medical bills.

Female drivers who have been injured in a Tampa motor vehicle crash resulting in lower extremity injuries should seek extensive compensation for the far-reaching damages.

Higher Risk of Head Injuries

Female drivers are also more likely to suffer facial and head injuries due to their seat positioning often placing them closer to the steering wheel. This can cause more force to be applied to the face, head and neck during a car crash.

Injuries such as TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries) can be life-changing and life-threatening. The damages involved are extensive and should be carefully calculated to consider the ongoing impacts.

Female Driver Increased Risk of Injury By Body Part

  • Neck: 45%
  • Chest: 26%
  • Abdomen: 39%
  • Head: 22%
  • Arm: 58%
  • Leg: 80%

Source: NHTSA

Lack of Female-Focused Crash Testing

Many have drawn attention to these concerning data trends. One theory is that there is a lack of female body crash test dummies. Consumer Reports Auto Test Center said,

“Everyone who rides in a car has benefited from the improvements identified by crash testing. But once the major areas for crash protection have been improved upon, the more granular differences—such as the gender disparities—become more evident as some of the next areas to focus research.”

Within the past year, however, there have been significant improvements in female-focused crash test dummies – with a model representing the average women produced for the first time in 60 years. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) still shockingly doesn’t require it as part of its crash testing.

The Government has started to push for changes, with Congress arguing and introducing bills in support of gender parity in car crash testing.

Who Was At Fault for My Tampa Motor Vehicle Crash?

If you’ve been injured in a Tampa motor vehicle crash that wasn’t your fault, you will need to prove who the at-fault person was. Although you will claim your own insurance company, this proof is still critical to show that it wasn’t your fault and to factor in how much blame you had compared to the at-fault party (due to the ‘comparative fault law’).

There may have been a variety of parties at fault, including:

  • Another driver (due to dangerous driving).
  • A manufacturer (such as the car manufacturer, or seatbelt manufacturer)
  • A road maintenance agency (such as those responsible for road conditions, barriers or signal lights)

Our Tampa motor vehicle crash lawyers can help acquire the evidence to prove you were not at fault, so you can claim the maximum possible compensation for your damages.

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