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New AdventHealth Hospital Coming to Riverview
New AdventHealth Hospital Coming to Riverview

New AdventHealth Hospital Coming to Riverview

The new AdventHealth hospital coming to Riverview reached a construction milestone on May 24, 2023. Just over two years after the project was announced, construction is now well underway on the facility. The 209,000 square foot, four-story building was originally planned to open in the Spring of 2023 but was held up. Workers began clearing the 23-acre property back in 2021, but unknown delays slowed the project. Now the project is moving along much more quickly to try and open the hospital’s doors in 2024.

The new hospital site is located on U.S. Hwy. 301 between Balm Riverview Road and Boyette Road. No doubt, you’ve been watching the project’s progression over the years. Many Tampa residents use this highway daily and drive right past. As an area famous for traffic congestion, there is plenty of time to look out the window and watch the project evolve. Originally a wooded area, AdventHealth bought and merged multiple lots to combine such a large property. After clearing the woodland, construction started to move along slowly on the project.

Nonetheless, serious headway has been made in the building of the new hospital. On May 24, AdventHealth celebrated alongside Robins & Morton construction company at their topping out ceremony. A topping out ceremony is an important tradition in construction that marks an important moment. Traditionally, this ceremony is held when placing the final structural beam into place. The new AdventHealth hospital in Riverview similarly celebrated the completion of the building’s frame.

How Will The New AdventHealth Hospital Affect Area Traffic?

While the community reaction is generally positive to increased healthcare access and job creation, traffic is a concern. The area is already known to be a problem traffic area and citizens are very vocal about this. The comments section on Tampa area Facebook posts is full of worries about worsening traffic. Given that, a proposed traffic signal may be added at River Walk Court and U.S. Hwy. 301 at the entrance to the hospital.

Nonetheless, members of the community are still uneasy about what is already a congested area. They are concerned about traffic causing delays and also accidents. Keep in mind, if you experience an accident you can ask a Tampa personal injury attorney to help with your claim.

What About Construction Accidents On The Worksite?

There are other considerations regarding personal injury when it comes to the construction of the new hospital. Construction is dangerous work and can result in serious injury and death. In fact, construction accidents account for 1 in 5 deaths in the workplace. As any Tampa personal injury attorney can tell you, there are four most common construction accidents. These are falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and being caught between two objects.

Robins & Morton, who is contracted to build the new AdventHealth facility, has an excellent reputation for safety. However, in 2021, there were 169,200 reported non-fatal construction accidents. Statistically speaking, no matter how much caution is taken, accidents are a part of any construction site. A Tampa personal injury attorney can assist you should you be injured on the job here or on any site.

How Will The New AdventHealth Affect The Job Market?

Despite potential job site accidents, the increase in construction jobs is excellent for the community. The project is predicted to cost $216 million, and last until the fall of 2024. Undoubtedly, this hospital project can be expected to bring in hundreds of jobs during the next year or so. Once the hospital is up and running, it is anticipated to be staffed with 2,000 employees. From nurses to doctors to janitorial specialists to radiologists, Hillsborough County will benefit from many more jobs.

In the first phase of the hospital opening, there will be 80 beds ready for patients. Once fully completed, that number will increase to 200 beds. The facility will boast emergency care, cardiology, gastroenterology, orthopedic, obstetrics and gynecology (including labor & delivery), and urology services. A healthcare facility that robust requires many people working at all hours. A full-service hospital of this nature is also excellent news should you be in an accident. Any Tampa personal injury attorney can tell you that having access to specialists immediately can make a difference in your long-term symptoms.

A New And Better Option For Local Medical Treatment

According to Mike Schultz, president and CEO of AdventHealth West Florida Division, this location was chosen intentionally with direct input from the community. Placing the hospital in the Riverview area gives better and closer medical care to the Tampa area. “We want to make it easy for people to have convenient access to the expert care they need, when they need it, and help close the gap in health care services in our community,” said Mike Schultz.

Now Hillsborough County’s eastern suburbs have even more access to top-level medical care. Previously, a person from the east Tampa area needing a full hospital would have to travel a long way. Now the robust services of AdventHealth will be available to a larger amount of the community.

While there are other hospitals in the area, community sentiment is not that positive about the quality of care. AdventHealth has a very good reputation in its other Uptown Tampa location as well as throughout Florida. In fact, Newsweek rated it as one of the best hospital systems in the world. As such, the public response is generally very optimistic to this new facility in Riverview.

This new location also has the huge benefit of having quicker access to emergency medical care. Now a top-notch emergency room supported by on-hand specialists is closer at hand. Whether or not your accident requires an emergency room visit, prompt medical assessment is always a good idea. Be sure to keep all records from your medical appointments for your Tampa personal injury attorney.

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