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Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney
Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney

Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in a hit-and-run accident, contact a skilled Tampa personal injury attorney right away.

Hit-and-run accidents are a serious problem in Tampa, Florida. Recent statistics have revealed an alarming increase in the number of hit-and-run accidents in the area. While it seems unthinkable, it happens all the time; many of them are happening on US-92. Consider the 61-year-old pedestrian man who was struck and killed in Hillsborough County back in February; the driver struck the man and proceeded to drive off.

We understand how helpless you can feel after a hit and run. But you don’t have to suffer alone or in silence. If you were injured by someone who fled the scene, you need to contact a Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney for legal help.

What Are Hit-And-Run Accidents?

Hit-and-run accidents are when a driver hits another vehicle, person, animal, or property, and leaves the scene without helping the victims or informing police. That results in the victim lacking important details about the driver, such as contact details or insurance information. So, they are at a loss if they can’t locate the driver.

Depending on the severity of the damage or injury, hit-and-run accidents can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony offense. That means the at-fault party can face criminal charges in addition to a civil claim.

Furthermore, the person who left the scene can still be found liable for the damages caused in the accident. The legal consequences can range from fines, license revocation, or negligence. In more serious cases, a person can be held responsible for criminal charges like vehicular assault or homicide.

Why Would Someone Leave the Scene of an Accident Without Helping or Telling Law Enforcement?

Accidents evoke strong emotions in all parties involved. It can make people feel startled, angry, confused, and shocked. And while most people remain at the scene, others get such a rush of adrenaline or fear that they just run away.

Often people who flee an accident scene after causing damage justify it in their heads, thinking “it’s only a minor collision, so I don’t need to stay.” By thinking such thoughts, they are trying to rationalize the fact that they are committing a hit-and-run crime. However running away doesn’t just let them off the hook. What they don’t know is that there are expert Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorneys who can help injury victims track down the liable parties and hold them accountable.

Why Do People Flee the Scene After Causing Harm to Others?

Knowing that you caused an accident is not a good feeling. The person who caused the crash may feel embarrassed and guilty. One of the biggest motivators to run from an accident scene is to avoid penalties for causing an accident. For instance, if the driver was drunk or using drugs while driving, they might run away to avoid criminal charges on top of accident liability.

Here are some other common reasons that people run away from a car accident scene:

  • They don’t have sufficient coverage
  • They don’t have coverage at all
  • They lack the funds to pay for the damage they caused
  • Driving a stolen vehicle
  • Driving a vehicle the operator does not own and took without permission (such as an employer’s or family member’s)
  • Having outstanding arrest warrants or other criminal records.
  • Being in the country illegally.
  • Being in the midst of illegal activity (e.g., transporting drugs or other illegal items)
  • To avoid losing their license. This is commonly seen with commercial drivers as their license can get revoked for up to one year after an accident. So for some, running from the scene means protecting their livelihood.
  • To avoid criminal charges or conviction.

No matter what the reason for the at-fault driver running away, it’s unfair to the victims. That’s why victims of hit-and-run accidents need to work with skilled Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorneys to help find the liable party or litigate your case.

Tampa’s Busy Streets Are Some of the Most Dangerous Cities in the Country for Motorists

The experience of being struck by a vehicle that flees the scene is quite unfortunate. Imagine getting hit by a car and then being left to take care of all the expenses and clean up the mess yourself. Sadly, this happens all the time, and it can make you feel like being a victim twice over.

Aside from the physical and emotional trauma, you may also be left with financial losses due to medical bills, car repairs, and other related expenses. The good news is, you don’t have to suffer in silence because here are steps you can take to protect your rights.

When someone involved in a crash flees the scene it’s often difficult for victims to seek the justice they deserve. If you’ve been the victim of a hit-and-run accident, it is important to seek assistance from a knowledgeable Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney. An experienced attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected. With competent representation, you can receive the compensation you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.

Why Are They A Problem In Tampa, Florida?

In Tampa, Florida, hit-and-run accidents have become a growing problem in recent years, causing serious injuries and fatalities. In fact, data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) suggests that nearly 25% of all car accidents involve a hit-and-run.

The primary causes of hit-and-run accidents in Tampa are reckless driving and driver negligence, especially among young drivers. Many drivers try to make a quick escape after an accident instead of facing the consequences for their actions. Another common cause is drivers who are uninsured or underinsured and don’t want to pay for the damages.

One of the other main causes for hit-and-run accidents in Tampa is the lack of visibility of pedestrians. In busier neighborhoods, pedestrians, cyclists and people on the sidewalks may not be seen by motorists when crossing the street. Driving at night can also significantly reduce visibility, which is a particularly dangerous time for hit-and-run accidents.

Whatever reason a person has to run from an accident scene does not justify their actions. If you were the victim of a hit and run accident, you have rights. A Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney can help you protect them and understand your options to make the aftermath less unsettling.

Recent Hit-And-Run Incidents in Tampa

The number of hit-and-run accidents in Tampa is much higher than the national average.

Statistics show that in 2019, hit-and-run accidents in Tampa caused 62 fatal injuries and 659 non-fatal injuries. Some recent cases of hit and run incidents in Tampa include:

  • In January 2023, a vehicle hit and killed a 72 year old man in Hillsborough County on US-92. Officials obtained a side view mirror of the car that fell off when it hit the man.
  • The following month, In February 2023, a hit-and-run in Hillsborough County caused one fatality (40-year old pedestrian man) and severe injuries to another 28-year-old man. The accident occurred on US-92.
  • In a separate incident in February 2023, a 30-year-old man was hit and killed by an SUV in Hernando County.
  • In November 2022, a man was hit by a car, who pulled over to help the man. The first car stopped to help, another SUV came around the corner and hit and dragged the victim. The hit and run occurred on Orient Road in Hillsborough County.

If you or a loved one was injured in a hit-and-run accident, you don’t have to let the responsible party off the hook. We advise contacting a Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney to increase your odds of getting justice and a fair payout for all your pain and suffering.

What Are The Consequences Of Hit-And-Run Accidents?

These types of accidents can be incredibly dangerous and put everyone involved in danger. More often than not, the person who made a quick exit has something at stake. Or, they may have something to hide. But don’t worry; with the help of a seasoned Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney, you may be able to track them down. Additionally, you could pursue them for damages.

A driver who flees the scene doesn’t want to get involved with law enforcement. It’s often for legitimate reasons. For example, they might have outstanding criminal charges, unpaid tickets, no license, a suspended license, or illegal status in the US. But, none of these reasons is an excuse to leave an injured victim helpless. Sadly, their negligence can leave the victims of the accident to pick up the pieces by themselves. Injury victims might even be on the hook for medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

Without a Tampa personal injury attorney, the difficulty of tracking down the offender in a hit-and-run accident can feel nearly impossible. But what you need to understand is people who flee the scene of an accident don’t want to be caught and most likely try hard to stay off the radar.

On top of dealing with injuries and damages, you don’t also want the burden of trying to find the perpetrator. So give yourself some peace of mind by letting an experienced Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney handle your case. You’ll have a better chance of finding the at-fault party and getting a fair payout.

How Can A Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Help With A Hit-And-Run Accident?

When you or a loved one has been the victim of a hit-and-run, it is important to seek immediate legal advice. You can expect our Tampa personal injury attorneys to work with you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

These types of accidents can cause life-altering injuries and can be tragic for victims and their families. The fact the at-fault party was uncooperative and ran away adds an extra layer of frustration to the situation. To recover any financial damages, it is important to seek out legal resources and advice.

Great Tampa Hit-And-Run Accident Attorneys understand the complexities of hit-and-run accidents. They can guide you through the process to pursue a fair and just outcome. The attorneys have extensive experience in handling hit-and-run cases. A Tampa personal injury attorney will ensure that you have the best chance of recovering the maximum compensation.

It is important to act fast in pursuing a hit-and-run case. Florida has a four-year statute of limitation that an injured person can file a claim. The attorneys at Tampa personal injury law firm have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your case is filed within the timeline.

In addition, the attorneys will provide comprehensive legal advice and guidance throughout the entire process. This includes the proper gathering and preservation of evidence, filing legal documents, gathering witness statements, and negotiating any settlement offers. A competent Tampa personal injury attorney will be able to analyze the specific facts and circumstances of the case. They will navigate the complex legal issues that arise from these types of events. They will also be familiar with the laws and regulations in Florida and will be able to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

Additionally, a knowledgeable Tampa personal injury attorney will be able to negotiate with insurance companies. They can also help victims get the medical treatment they need and the other support services they may require.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a hit-and-run accident, contact a skilled Tampa personal injury attorney right away. They will be able to protect your rights and pursue any and all available legal remedies.

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You don’t deserve to go through all of this unexpected and undue harm because of another person’s negligence. We understand that an accident can turn your life upside down, and that’s why we are here to help you get your power back.

If you were injured in a hit-and-run in Tampa, Florida, contact a Tampa personal injury attorney today to see how we can help.

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