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Tampa Intersection Accident Attorney
Tampa Intersection Accident Attorney

Tampa Intersection Accident Attorney

If a driver's negligence caused your injuries, a Tampa Intersection Accident Attorney can help you acquire rightful compensation.

Tampa is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the US and Florida. And it’s notorious for its congested roads and busy intersections. The Federal Highway Administration says about 25% of fatalities and 50% of injuries occur at intersections.

Intersections are one of the main areas for traffic accidents. Dangerous collisions like t-bone almost always happen at an intersection. The results can be catastrophic or deadly.

If you sustained injuries in an intersection accident, you need to contact a Tampa Intersection Accident Attorney.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Tampa

Tampa is the third largest city in Florida. Inevitably that means more cars are on the road, and accidents will occur. Intersection accidents are particularly dangerous because of the higher volume of cars traveling in different directions and obstructed views when making a turn.

Here are some of the most problematic intersections where many accidents happen in Tampa:

  • Sheldon Road And Waters Avenue W
  • Anderson Road And Waters Avenue W
  • Waters Ave W And Hanley Road
  • Waters Avenue W and Himes Avenue N
  • Bruce B Downs Boulevard and Fletcher Avenue E

Some dangerous intersections near Tampa and the surrounding area include:

  • Hillsborough Ave and Sheldon Road in Town N’ County, FL
  • Bloomingdale Ave and Bell Shoals Road in Brandon, FL
  • US 301 and Gibsonton Drive in Riverview, FL
  • US 301 and Big Bend Road in Riverview, FL
  • Bloomingdale Ave and Providence Road in Riverview, FL

To avoid the likelihood of intersection accidents, it’s best to avoid these intersections. However, that’s not always possible. If you must pass these intersections on your route, exercise caution. Whether you’re a driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist, there’s a higher chance of accidents at these intersections.

If you were injured in an accident at any of these locations, a Tampa Intersection Accident Attorney can review your case and help you determine who is responsible.

Why Are People More Likely to Get in Accidents at Tampa Intersections?

Intersections often result when a driver turns without much visibility. For example, a driver making a left turn across traffic could fail to see an oncoming car from the other direction. There are two types of major errors drivers make that lead to intersection accidents. Both can ultimately be deemed negligence. And if the driver’s negligence caused your injuries, a Tampa Intersection Accident Attorney can help you acquire rightful compensation.

The two main errors that cause intersection collisions are false assumptions and failure to adequately scan surroundings.

  • Falsely assuming the other driver’s actions. Driving requires people to exercise caution and sometimes involves anticipating what another driver will do. However, falsely assuming another driver’s action at an intersection can be deadly. For example, imagine a driver who is waiting to make a left turn while there is a lot of oncoming traffic. The driver sees the light turn yellow and makes a turn, assuming the oncoming cars will stop since the light is yellow. But, the oncoming traffic might see the yellow light and speed up rather than stop. The turning car, in this case, made a false assumption.

Likewise, the oncoming cars may assume that the driver waiting to turn will not turn yet since the light is still yellow. So if they speed up to beat the red light, thinking the turning driver will wait, they’ve now made a false assumption. This scenario often causes T-bone or side impact crashes, which can be disastrous for the passenger side.

  • Inadequate surveillance. There are several different directions of traffic at an intersection. Failing to adequately scan all directions can lead to a collision. Drivers often fail to check for cross traffic before turning or entering an intersection.

Common Causes of Tampa Intersection Accidents

False assumptions and inadequate surveillance are both ultimately forms of negligence. Negligence is the most common cause for car accidents, especially at intersections.

Negligence is simply a driver’s carelessness or lack of caution while driving. Here are some forms of driver negligence that often lead to Tampa intersection accidents:

  • Running red lights
  • Ignoring traffic signs or signals
  • Running through a stop sign
  • Rolling stops (Not stopping long enough at a stop sign)
  • Failing to comply with turn lights
  • Reckless lane switching or blatant disregard of lane markings
  • Not stopping completely before making a turn
  • Turning right on a red arrow
  • Poor judgement (improper assessment of oncoming traffic speed before making a turn)
  • Not understanding right of way rules

Comparative Fault in a Tampa Intersection Accident

Not every accident is 100% caused by one person. You may have been partially at fault for causing the accident. Consider the example of false assumptions (assuming cars will stop on yellow or a driver won’t turn until the signal clears). Whereas one driver sped up and entered an intersection at a yellow light, the other turned left while there was still oncoming traffic.

In such a situation, a jury might find that both parties were partially responsible for causing the accident. Therefore, they will assign each driver a percentage of fault. If you are found to be partially at fault for the accident, your compensation could be reduced.

Comparative fault is a complex question that requires a thorough investigation of the accident. But don’t worry; a skilled Tampa Intersection Accident Attorney can help you get this done. They know how to gather the necessary evidence to show the other person’s negligence and protect you from an unfair allegation of fault.

Are There Specific Laws in Tampa Regarding Interactions?

Yes, there are laws that govern how vehicles should safely approach intersections under Florida Statutes 316.121. Under this statute, drivers approaching the intersection should yield to the right away (which would be a vehicle that has already entered the intersection).

If two vehicles enter the vehicle at the same time, the driver on the left should yield to the right driver. Any driver entering a state-maintained or paved road from an unpaved road without traffic controls should yield to vehicles on the paved road. Finally, any vehicle turning left should yield to approaching vehicles.

If you’re unsure about who had the right of way or have any other questions, contact a Tampa Intersection Accident Attorney for a free case review.

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