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The Reasons to Hire an Ethical Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer
The Reasons to Hire an Ethical Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer

The Reasons to Hire an Ethical Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer

There is a myth that a shady personal injury lawyer can get you the most money. That is absolutely not true. In fact, the shadier the lawyer, the less money that you are going to get. Why? Because a shady lawyer is going to try to put more of your money in his/her pocket. That means charging you for excessive fees and taking reimbursement for phantom costs. I have seen law firms charge for all kinds of costs in order to extract extra money on each case. It is disgusting, but happens to those who are unsuspecting or blindly trusting.

If a personal injury case is not handled properly, the problems will show. A personal injury case is like a construction project. If the foundation is not set up correctly, the entire building is in jeopardy. The reputation of your lawyer directly impacts your case.

This article will outline the benefits that you will receive by simply hiring an ethical Tampa lawyer. Many of these reasons make sense. After practicing law for almost 25 years, I have seen first-hand every type of lawyer and every type of case. If you don’t hire me, that’s fine. Just please make sure that you hire an ethical Tampa personal injury lawyer.

Signs That You Have an Unethical Injury Lawyer

  • Communication. When you call your lawyer’s office and ask to speak to him/her, can you never get through? Do your calls go unanswered? Do you feel like you are always getting the run-around? Do you always have to call to get an update? Is the communication frustrating? If so, that’s a sign that you have an unethical lawyer.
  • Vague Answers. A tell tale sign that your lawyer is not paying attention to your case is a vague answer. Please pay attention to this. If the answer is not specific, then you are probably being fed bs.
  • Cutting corners. If your lawyer tells you that he/she doesn’t need certain documents or “don’t worry about it,” that’s a sign that corners are being cut. A personal injury lawyer must be very detailed with every aspect of the case or you are going to lose money.
  • Unknown Medical Bills. This is a huge red flag. If no one is telling you how much you owe in bills, how can you make an informed decision about the direction of your case?
  • Hidden Costs. Always get an accounting of the costs being incurred on your case. For example, I have seen many times that a lawyer will hire an investigator without even telling you. But, you are the one who is going to pay for it! So, make sure that you ask frequently about the costs. Costs are accounted for monthly, so if you aren’t getting answers, something is wrong.

How An Ethical Tampa Injury Lawyer Can Help

  • Medical Treatment. One of the first steps that your personal lawyer takes is to refer you to a doctor for medical treatment. I guarantee that the better your lawyer, the better the doctors are that he/she works with. It makes sense right? The best doctors are not going to work with lawyers with a bad reputation. So, if you want to get quality medical care, hire an ethical Tampa lawyer.
  • Answering Questions. If a lawyer takes your case, he/she should be available to answer your questions. This doesn’t mean that they get back to you in two weeks. Your questions should always be answered within 2 days.
  • Keeping You Updated on Your Case. Instead of having to ask your lawyer for an update, your lawyer should be reaching out to you. At my office, we always aim to speak to our clients every three weeks to ask for updates and give any that are available.
  • Taking the Time to Get Your Bills Reduced and Paid. Getting your bills handled after your case is by far the best way to put more money in your pocket. An ethical Tampa lawyer will take the time to make sure that every bill is reduced as low as possible. An unethical lawyer doesn’t care about the bills because he/she has already been paid.
  • Getting Your Money to You Quickly. Waiting for your check after a settlement can be very frustrating. An ethical lawyer will work quickly to finalize your closing. An unethical lawyer will take his/her time because the money has already been received and they have already been paid.

The Medical Providers Your Tampa Lawyer Works With Matters

Did your lawyer refer you to a medical clinic that gives you the creeps? Can you tell that the doctor and the staff are questionable? Is the waiting area dirty and packed with sketchy people? If so, the odds are that you have been sent to a mill. And, I guarantee that the insurance company knows that you are treating at a mill. This means they will be skeptical of anything that the doctor says and will discount your claim. Even if you have a legitimate injury, going to a doctor with a bad reputation will hurt your case. If you truly want to get better and have a fast settlement, then hire an ethical Tampa personal injury lawyer.

What the Insurance Company Thinks of Your Lawyer Matters

Do you know that every insurance company uses a database with all of the information on your case and similar cases? Every Tampa personal injury lawyer is also tracked here. So, if your lawyer has repeatedly done a bad job, the insurance company will know. And, your case will directly be damaged. Additionally, if your lawyer has a bad reputation or has done something shady in the past, the insurance company will be skeptical. The claim may be flagged. But in any event, you will not be given the benefit of the doubt if your lawyer cannot be trusted.

Types of Cases That Are Affected by Your Lawyer’s Reputation

The number one type of case that is affected by your lawyer’s reputation is an auto accident claim. There are so many variables that can be manipulated by an unethical lawyer that the insurance companies really pay attention. These insurance companies are sophisticated multi-billion dollar businesses. Do you really think that an unethical lawyer is going to put something over on them?

Your Lawyer’s Reputation is a Reflection on You

Do you want people to roll their eyes when you tell them who your lawyer is? Guess what, if you are hiring some of the notorious firms around town, your friends are talking about it behind your back.

You Should Share Your Lawyer’s View on the Case

It is extremely important that you share your personal injury lawyer’s views on the case. This means that you both understand what you are comfortable with. Maybe you are scared of needles. Your lawyers need to respect that and not try to pressure you. Maybe you do not want to file a lawsuit. Your lawyer needs to understand that from the start and plan accordingly. Whatever the case may be, being on the same page as your lawyer throughout the case is the only way to have a satisfying and successful claim process.

Hire an Ethical Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer

Please don’t make your personal injury case any harder than it has to be. You have already likely had to deal with the damage to your car, been inconvenienced, and been hurt. Hiring the wrong lawyer will make your problems even worse.

The good news is that there are a lot of ethical personal injury lawyers out there. You don’t have to hire our law firm. But, if you do, rest assured that we will never take advantage of you. We work too hard to get a good reputation to ruin it by being unethical. If you would like to discuss a possible personal injury claim, please contact us for a free consultation.

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